You need the following to download new software to your receiver:

 1. Downloading.doc: Instruction manual
2. STBCABLE.bmp: Connection for RS-232C cable
3. 2K232.exe: Downloading S/W tool
4. SDR2xxx-xxxxx.IMG: New S/W


               NHE suc2200C                                                 

                NHE 2000-2000C                                            


                    Instructions & download manager                                

                 NHE 2000 ( Two scarts) Romeo                                

                     NHE 2000 ( One scart) Juno                                 

                     NHE 2400M                                                                        

                     NHE 2000C                                                                       

                     NHE suc2200C (For 2MB flash memory)                 

                     NHE suc2200C (For 1MB flash memory)                 

                 NHE SDR2000PLUS & SDR2400MPLUS                        

                   NHE SDR2200PLUS ( All in one)                                       


       NHE BDR 2600  (slim+new)  SEP        2007                                                

        NHE BDR 2800                                                                                      

         NHE BDR 2600 (OLD BIG)                                                                    

           NHE BDR 2600 LOADER                                                                          

          NHE SDR 2200 PLUS 2M  (27/3/2006)                                                  

         NHE SDR 2400 PLUS 2M (27/3/2006)                                                     

          NHE SDR 2000C PLUS OR 2200C PLUS (27/3/2006)                        

         PATRIOT || NH 9860 &NHE 2500   (17/11/2006)                                  

          LOADER FOR PATRIOT  AND NHE 2500                                       

          LOADER  FOR NHE 2 M                                                                          

         NHE S100   SOFTWARE                                                                      

         NHE S100  LOADER                                                                                     

         NHE S202 LOADER                                                                          

         NHE  S202                                                                          

      Loader Metabox                                                            

Metabox One (MARCH  2007)                                                        


(WORK GOOD WITH ORIGINAL CARDS ONLY )                                                            

   KanSat3600  (28/6/2005)                                                                    

NHE METABOX 3  (24/1/2006)                                                           



                                                              By Eng :     HarDW˘LF«


                 *Warning: Please make sure you use the correct firmware for your receiver, we are not responsible  if you use wrong firmware.

                * For SUC2200C, please check carefully if you have 1MB or 2MB receiver.




                               If you need any help, just send an email to us.